Mr. Yoram Moussaieff
Chairman, CEO

Mr. Yoram Moussaieff is an Israeli born entrepreneur and real estate developer who has successfully built multiple businesses in a variety of industries during a span of several decades. He has also purchased and developed millions of square feet of commercial and residential property throughout the United States. In Panama, he led a group involved in developing prominent real estate projects, office towers and resorts. This ultimately led him to understanding that country’s lack of renewable and sustainable green energy. In 2005, he started Panama Green Energy Inc., a company devoted to hydroelectric power and renewable energy to address this need. He successful earned Panama’s governmental concession for hydroelectric power for a 50 year period with rights to extension beyond that. He began construction of three generation facilities at the Gatú and Chorrillo river dams with commercial operations commencing in January 2019.

Through his achievements, Mr. Moussaieff has gained a highly favorable reputation for his negotiation skills, ability to deal with foreign governments and local municipalities, commitment to the environment and capability for managing large scale operations.