Corporate Social Responsibility

At 4MB Mining, we are driven to creating significant shareholder value while the fabric of our business is aimed at improving the lives of the South Sudanese people and fostering a safer and cleaner environment for all. To that aim, we will address the following significant problems facing the current landscape and rectify these issues using our social responsibility program:

The Environment:

The lack of knowledge in proper mining practices has resulted in harming the environment. Land surface destruction, air pollution, water contamination, effects on agriculture, food production and the ecosystem has wreaked a terrible impact on South Sudan’s economy and quality of life. To combat this, we will deploy cutting edge technology and plant machinery that will significantly improve production while minimizing harmful effects to the environment and water supply. Our unique portable processing plant is designed for ease of operation and can automatically collect gold, diamonds and other minerals with 99% accuracy. More importantly, the plant is chemical free, reduces pollution for cleaner air and is designed to work with recycled water thereby eliminating the need for exhausting the clean water supply. Agricultural soil and underground water supplies will not be polluted with mercury, cyanide and other toxic chemicals.

Health Concerns:

The state of health for artisan miners and communities as a result of using mercury and cyanide, combined with the effects to the environment such as air pollution and unsanitary drinking water has resulted in adverse health effects to workers. The consequences are shorter life expectancy, poor health to humans and animals and poverty – all contributing to a toxic environment for miners, their families and community. Through cooperation with the Ministry of Mining and the government, steps will be taken to select, organize, formalize and group the artisan miners into a “Cooperative”, officially registered and licensed to operate in certain selected concessions. Support and training for the artisan miners will be provided in proper mining practices, protecting the environment, refraining from the use of mercury and cyanide, training in the use and operation of modern technology as well as overall health and safety protocols.

Social Problems:

Socioeconomic issues such as disputes over land access and ownership, crime, alcohol abuse, prostitution, child labor, lack of education and unemployment have combined to make the lives of the South Sudanese people incredibly difficult and unstable. The company can best address these issues through improving the income of miners and thereby improving the local economy. As an example, our unique portable processing plant has the capacity of mining through fifty tons of soil per hour. Compared with traditional methods of manual panning, the average artisan miner will only wash a maximum of one ton of soil per day. The monthly output of fifty artisan miners using manual panning can be accomplished in only three days using our portable processing plant while the monthly output of our plant will equal five months of output using traditional means. Higher production means higher income  and greater employment for workers. This results in creating a better life for each miner and their families. Under the support and management of the ministry and the government, the cooperative village shall become peaceful, with better health care services, education, security and less crime. The artisan miners will learn the modern methods of mining, utilizing new technology and eventually form the next generation of sustainable mining in South Sudan. The government will also receive more revenues, which allows the ministry to receive a greater budget for modern technology, research, and professional exploration to identify the wealth of natural resources throughout the country.