About us

2017-07-21-PHOTO-000005114MB Mining is a gold and mineral exploration company tasked with the production and development of gold, diamonds and other minerals in South Sudan.

4MB Mining Ltd is a company formed in January 2017 that has a joint venture with the government of South Sudan. The company has been granted the license to explore, mine and produce gold and other minerals throughout the country. The company is first in securing prospecting rights that begin with a mandate to mine the gold rich Luri Basin and Kapoeta State, and ultimately expand exploration to other areas throughout the country. This project is an effort aimed at improving the economy of South Sudan through the advancement of favorable mining laws designed to encourage foreign investment in the region as well as generating desperately needed revenues.

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The government decided to select 4MB Mining as its trusted partner for their deep and stellar management experience, knowledge of the region, investment in technology and euipment and global contacts in the industry. With unique geological advantages, highly abundant deposits and the full cooperation of the South Sudanese government, 4MD Mining is poised to take full advantage toward becoming a world leader in gold and minerals mining.


    To create and increase shareholder value for our investors and the Republic of South Sudan through implementing productive, responsible and efficient gold mining practices. We strive toward protecting the environment and health of our employees and miners as well as improving the lives of the indigenous population of South Sudan.


    To be a global leader in the gold mining industry focused on sustainable production of gold and other minerals while delivering on our commitment to value and respect the environment and communities we work with.